Position 1: Technical Reservator (10)
I. Job Requirements:
(1) Bachelor degree or above in Chemical Engineering, with strong learning and execution ability.
(2) Good at innovation, strong research and development ability, good career loyalty.
(3) Professional qualification certificate is preferred.
II. Job Description:
(1) Responsible for the inspection and research and development of coating products.
(2) Have a certain market sensitivity to meet the needs of the market.
(3) Have certain training ability of new product technology.
Post 2: Reserve cadre (10)
I. Job Requirements:
(1) Bachelor degree or above, with solid official document writing and processing ability.
(2) Proficient in office equipment and software.
(3) Strong organization, coordination and communication skills, good career loyalty.
II. Job Description:
(1) Engaged in various management work of the company.
(2) Have certain experience in organization and implementation.
Salary package negotiable.
Contact Information:
(1) Contact: Human Resources Department
(2) 0635-8721107
(3) E-mail:Qilu777@126.com    



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