In 2023, the coating industry "moved to the environment-friendly field"!

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With the development and progress of science and technology, people's awareness of green environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. The new green environmental protection coating industry has developed rapidly due to the needs of human beings and has been popularized and applied rapidly. However, due to many technical difficulties, the gas of traditional coatings is easily absorbed by human body, which is very harmful to people, and it will also pollute the surrounding environment. Coatings should not only be beautiful and durable, but also be non-toxic and have no negative impact on people's health and environment, which is what modern people really need in their lives.

At present, the prospect of environmental protection coatings industry is good, and energy conservation and environmental protection has now become an industrial policy encouraged by the state to develop enterprises. With the increasing demand of market consumers, China coatings industry has turned to water-based and other environmentally friendly coatings.

With the transfer of global manufacturing industry to the Asia-Pacific region, the coating production in the Asia-Pacific region has increased year by year and has become the largest coating production region in the world. Asia has also been the largest market in the global coatings industry, with the fastest growth rate, accounting for 52% of the global total output and 45% of the total market value. In terms of the market demand of coatings in China, because coatings are widely used on the surfaces of various metals, wood, cement, bricks and stones, leather, fabrics, plastics, rubber, glass and paper, and China has a huge volume of real estate, automobiles and other industries, the demand for coatings in China is also very large.

According to the Research Report on the Development Trend and Investment Risk of Environmental Protection Coatings Industry in China from 2022 to 2027 published by Academia Sinica, environmental protection coatings refer to coating products whose performance indicators and safety indicators meet their respective product standards and meet the technical requirements of national environmental labeling products. Green means environmental protection, and environmental protection means friendship. The new green environmental protection paint is also called "green friendly paint", which can not only protect the ecological environment from pollution, but also protect human health from harm. Harmful organic volatiles, heavy metal salts and other components must not be added to green paint, and it must be odorless, non-toxic and pollution-free through professional argumentation. When painting in construction, it is simple, time-saving and trouble-free, and the plane is flat and smooth, and the decorative effect is beautiful and generous. Green coatings are in short supply in China's market and have been vigorously promoted.

Because people's awareness of environmental protection has been constantly improving, the quality requirements for coating products are getting higher and higher. Therefore, environmentally unfriendly and unsafe coating products will be spurned by consumers. Only green coatings can be recognized by people. Instead of traditional solvent-based coatings with serious pollution, green coatings have many benefits, which are conducive to enhancing people's health and improving people's living environment. It is of great significance to make the home environment safe and environmentally friendly, which can promote the sustainable development of society.

According to the "14th Five-Year Plan of China Coatings Industry" issued, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the total economic output of the whole industry maintained steady growth, with an average annual growth of about 4%. By 2025, the total output value of the coating industry is expected to increase to about 370 billion yuan; According to the average annual growth rate of 4%, by 2025, the total output of coating industry is expected to increase to about 30 million tons.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the development of China's coating industry will be consistent with the overall national development strategy, achieve sustainable growth, actively promote industrial upgrading, optimize the coating product structure, gradually increase the proportion of environmentally friendly coating products, and further increase investment in scientific research and technological transformation. For the field of industrial coatings, the domestic industrial coatings market is showing the development trend of continuous industrial expansion, accelerated upgrading of product technology, and green environmental protection transformation.

In the future, China's environment-friendly coatings still have broad development prospects. However, because water-based industrial coatings need higher capital investment and higher technical level, and many domestic coating companies have started to increase their investment in this field, the competition in the future water-based and other environment-friendly industrial coatings market will be more intense.

In the future, the coating industry will increase investment in scientific research and technological transformation, continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the product market, and strive to achieve high-quality development of the coating industry; Adhere to ecological green development, improve the utilization rate of renewable resources, and improve the level of resource utilization of waste by-products. Reduce carbon emissions and strive to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality goals in the coating industry as soon as possible; Strengthen international cooperation and exchanges and expand the influence of domestic enterprises in the international market.

The research report on environment-friendly coatings industry aims to analyze the future policy trend and the development trend of supervision system of environment-friendly coatings from the national economic and industrial development strategy, tap the market potential of environment-friendly coatings industry, and provide a vivid description of market changes in terms of industrial scale, industrial structure, regional structure, market competition and industrial profitability based on in-depth research in key market segments, so as to clarify the development direction.

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