Qilu Paint industry 2023 annual work summary commendation and 2024 annual work mobilization conference successfully completed

On the morning of February 20, the company successfully held the 2023 annual work summary commendation and 2024 annual start mobilization meeting with the theme of "Inheritance, innovation and transcendance". The conference summarized the past and laid out the future, and successively commended the outstanding program participants of 2024 New Year's Day and the model workers of 2023 to prepare for the new development plan of the New Year. Company honorary chairman Sun Hongyuan, chairman Sun Guangming, general manager Sun Liang and other department heads and all employees attended the meeting.

General manager Sun Liang summarized the development of the past year from the comprehensive work of the company in 2023 as the starting point, and analyzed and deployment around sales, wages and benefits, safety and environmental protection, innovation, cultural output, personnel attributes and other aspects, and finally congratulated the company on 2023 model workers and award-winning New Year's Day excellent programs.

2023 Outstanding Employee recognition

2023 outstanding employee representative speech

2024 New Year's Day program award recognition

Excellent employees are valuable assets of the company, so that more examples can be carried forward, recognition is also the company's recognition of excellent employees, learn more, improve their professional skills, shine in their own posts, and work together for Qilu paint industry to take off and make new contributions.

Inheritance of originality

Originality inheritance, in the era of innovation and change, high-quality, high-level professionals are the core competitiveness. Our company continues to increase the efforts to cultivate artisans, professional talent team construction and scientific research investment, widely absorb and cultivate technical talents, create a modern enterprise training and career development model, and give full play to the "pass, help, bring" new momentum, to achieve craftsmanship, artisan skills inheritance, excellent artisan talents, It is the powerful core of Qilu paint industry in the course of 40 years of continuous innovation and breakthrough and high-quality development.


Reform the old and create the new

Under the background of reaching the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality, traditional industries are rapidly transforming and upgrading, and developing sustainably in the direction of safety, green, low-carbon and environmental protection.

Qilu Paint has been practicing the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable development for 40 years, updating and upgrading environmental protection equipment, and is committed to the research and development of environmentally friendly coatings to meet the high quality and personalized needs of customers, laying a solid foundation for the innovation and development of enterprises.

Burst beyond

Burst beyond, from the traditional industry to the intelligent industry upgrading, from "municipal advanced" to "specialized new", from old industrial plants to tens of billions of industrial wisdom park...... Under the drive of innovation, our company creates new fields, explores new paths, breaks out new vitality, and gathers into the inexhaustible driving force for the high-quality development of China's paint industry.

Time is a net. Where you cast it, you reap it. I hope employees will cast this net on their own posts, scattered in the innovation and development of Qilu paint industry, let us anchor the goal under the strong leadership of Party committees and governments at all levels, unite as one, brave and first-class, continue to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of Qilu paint industry, and make new achievements for local economic development and create brilliance!

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