Together, create a better future ▏2023 Qilu paint industry staff group construction activities successfully completed

From November 11 to 12, Qilu Paint industry carried out the 2023 Qilu Paint industry staff group building activity with the theme of "Uniting hearts and creating a better future". The two-day and one-night activities not only relaxed the body and mind, but also improved the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among employees and not afraid of difficulties.

At the beginning of the activity, general manager Sun Liang cheered for everyone

Before the activity, the instructor through a series of brisk warm-up games, let each other establish a harmonious atmosphere of mutual trust, exercise the focus of the players, can not only break the barrier between members, but also active scene atmosphere.

Then under the guidance of the instructor, we quickly divided into two groups, after intense preparation, enter in turn, put out their own design of the team POSE, loud slogans, neat steps, heroic posture fully show everyone's team spirit full, vigorous style, showing the company's good spirit.

Visit the Red Memory Experience Hall

Then we visited the Red Memory Experience Hall (War of Resistance Hall, Screening Hall, military equipment Exhibition Hall, Luxi Memory Exhibition Hall, etc.). With detailed and rich cultural relics exhibits and historical records as the core, we immersed ourselves in that red-blooded memory. The wheel of history rolls forward, and we must learn the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary forefathers who dared to struggle and dare to win. Always maintain a spirited state of mind, not afraid of difficulties, the courage to open up, good at innovation, comprehensive reform, development, stability of the work, under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development, comprehensive, coordinated and healthy development.

Relive the days of the long march

In order to further understand the history of the Long March, further strengthen our ideals and beliefs, relive the eventfull days of the Long March and inherit the great spirit of the Long March! By reviewing the history of the Long March, we should cherish today's peace and stability more, work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, adhere to our own ideals and beliefs, and make our own contributions in our own posts.

Team activity

In order to promote the efficient collaboration of the team, the two teams respectively carried out two activities of supersonic and curling. The activity tested the collaboration ability among colleagues and highlighted the importance of the overall cooperation ability in work and study. In the laughter and laughter, we enhance the tacit understanding.

Crossing the power grid project is an activity in which all personnel work together, trust each other, and overcome difficulties together. This activity enhances the cohesion of all staff.

Instructors take you up close and personal with modern weapons - 95 automatic rifles. Under the professional guidance of instructors, learn shooting skills, master shooting essentials, experience the fun and challenge of shooting, and feel the charm of firearms.

Real people CS team building is a bloom of speed and passion, is a mental and physical competition. Live CS lets you experience the intense battle, running, hiding, ambushing, shooting, advancing, retreating, encircling, and detour in the "hail of bullets".

By avoiding Frisbee activities, it can increase the expression and communication of employees, release the pressure of work, and enhance the self-confidence of employees. At the same time, it also enhances the enthusiasm of employees for work, and stimulates more high enthusiasm for work and the power of hard work and innovation.

The last part of the production of health incense hammer, the activity site, the teacher first introduced the effectiveness of the Chinese herbs in the health hammer, and then explained in detail and demonstrated the production steps. Then everyone excitedly opened the big challenge of handmade health incense hammer, which not only improved the hands-on ability, but also enhanced the team cooperation ability.

We believe that in the next work, we will work with higher passion and enthusiasm, and will continue to carry forward the spirit of "gathering together, creating the future", and jointly create a more united and harmonious, hard work and super combat effectiveness of the team, contributing to the development of Qilu paint industry!

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