Far ahead ▏ Qilu paint industry won the award again

In 2023, the whole city will unswervingly promote the construction of a strong manufacturing city, vigorously implement the cultivation of high-quality enterprises, and emerge a large number of "singles champions" and "supporting experts" who focus on subdivisions and have core technologies, leading the high-end, intelligent and green development of the city's manufacturing industry. Qilu Paint industry won the award in this competition activity.

The final of the 2nd National Post-Doctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Yantai. During the competition, more than 2000 people were attracted to visit the site. In the finals, all the doctor (team) projects in our city won awards, among which, Shandong Qilu Paint Industry Co., Ltd. and Dr. Xie Delong of Yunnan University of Science and Technology, the new generation of water-based polyurethane flame retardant materials that are fireproof and unburned won the "Gold medal of the new energy and new material track of the opening contest".

One after another award, reflects Qilu paint industry in scientific and technological research and development, talent introduction and automation, intelligent production, green management and other aspects of constant truth, innovation, and through rigorous research and development process, open thinking exchange and innovative technical means, for the paint industry to bring more green, low-carbon, safe and reliable products, to provide users with better product experience.

Firmly determined the spirit of development, a painting to describe the old and new, a brand new Qilu paint industry to world-class paint enterprises. Looking forward to the development, our company will, as always, strengthen confidence, emancipate the mind, practice internal skills, strive for first-class, and make greater contributions to accelerate the construction of socialist modern new Liaocheng.

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