Red education promotes high-quality development of enterprises

From September 15 to 17, Dongchangfu District Federation of Trade Unions organized more than 30 skilled talents of our company to participate in a three-day recuperation activity in Mengshan. During the activity, under the leadership of the district Federation of Trade unions, we visited and studied the old site of nine Peng villages and the memorial Hall of Menglianggu Campaign and other red education bases.

Nine shed people tenacious struggle and hard entrepreneurial spirit, Menglianggu army and people for the birth of new China bloody struggle, sacrifice for the country's revolutionary dedication, gave us a vivid love of the party, patriotism education lesson, let us feel that the good life now is hard-won, is the predecessors, martyrs with their lives in exchange for the country's prosperity, prosperity and peace.

This activity not only soothed the body and mind, but also adjusted the mentality, we will take this activity as the driving force, with a more full and positive work attitude into their own work, and contribute new strength to the high-quality development of our city and district.

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