Support VOCs governance ▏ Qilu Paint industry was invited to participate in the "Jinan Low vocs Content paint Source Replacement Exchange Meeting"

On August 15, under the guidance of Jinan Ecological Environment Bureau, Shandong Environmental Protection Scientific Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Shandong Coating Industry Association sponsored the "Jinan low VOCs content raw and auxiliary materials source replacement Exchange Meeting" successfully held.

It is reported that the exchange meeting is to further fight the battle of ozone pollution prevention and control, further reduce pollution emissions, promote the further application of low-VOCs coatings in the industrial coating industry, and help paint manufacturers and coating companies establish industrial communication and docking mechanisms. Help coating enterprises to deeply understand customer needs and customize coating schemes according to the actual situation, and help coating enterprises to speed up the process of replacing the source of low VOCs raw and auxiliary materials.

Water-based environmentally friendly coating applications are critical to reducing VOCs emissions. Qilu Paint industry, as an expert representative of the green paint industry, was invited to participate in the docking exchange meeting.

Sun Zhenlong, senior engineer of Qilu Paint industry, shared the performance and scope of application of Qilu environmental protection new products. The paint color, film effect and application advantages of waterborne coatings in practical application are emphatically shared.

This exchange has built a good supply and demand docking platform for coating manufacturers and coating industry enterprises, and further promoted the promotion and application of low VOCs content coatings. Qilu paint industry will take the docking exchange meeting as an opportunity to strengthen industry exchanges, tap the cooperation potential of upstream and downstream enterprises, and increase the promotion and application of low VOCs paint.

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