Build a dream in the golden age and wait for the successful completion of the 2023 technical exchange meeting of Fanghua Qilu Paint Industry.

     On July 6-8, 2023, Qilu Paint Industry Technology Exchange Conference came to a perfect conclusion in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. At the meeting, the current situation and development trend of domestic and foreign industries such as industry, water-borne and architectural coatings were analyzed. In-depth exchanges were carried out in construction technology and technological innovation. Chairman Sun Guangming, General Manager Sun Liang and other company leaders and more than 200 dealers attended the meeting.

Qilu paint industry

 Liaocheng Billion Project Key Enterprise

 3A level enterprise

 Top 100 Enterprises in the World Coatings Industry

 National green design products

Qilu lacquer industry is a collection.

 R&D, production, sales and service of coatings

 As one of the national brand enterprises

The company always focuses on product innovation.

 Establish the quality concept of "high standard, refinement and zero defect"

 Constantly research and create coating products that are ahead of the industry technology and have excellent performance.

 At present, Qilu has more than 18 product series.

 More than a thousand products

 The product has rich effects and cutting-edge design.

Conference training

                                                                           Meeting site

 Technical Engineer

 Introduced to everyone.

 Several hot-selling products in Qilu paint industry-

 Industrial antirust and anticorrosive paint series, water-based metal protective paint series, waterproof paint series, etc.

 These products were explained in construction application and demonstrated in process practice.

Qilu treasure house APP

 Is a company for employees and distributors.

 Internal software integrating shopping, learning and information.

 Can communicate with users at zero distance online.

 Receive real-time feedback from different users

 Establish trust with users.

site operation

This technical exchange meeting

 It consists of theory and practice.

 Starting from the principle, from the shallow to the deep, touch the analogy by-pass.

 Through the illustrated explanation and the interaction with the actual factory site, we can discuss our experiences together.

Life and career are like a marathon. The key to winning is not the sudden outbreak, but the persistence on the way. The three-day exchange meeting ended successfully with the laughter of the participants. I believe that next year, we can still hand over a perfect answer sheet to make our products better and make our users experience better!

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